Getting a bit miffed off UNTIL!

Hi all, had my Mavic Pro for a few months now (bought used) but not done much flying. When I have, I noticed that when yawing, in either direction, that the video was very jercky, both live on screen, cache and from SD card. I spent hours on t’internet and forums and tried all the suggestions (pan slowly, altered settings, expo etc, used ND filters) but no luck.
Decided to try different video formats, 4k, 2k, 1920, but all gave the same result. Now I’m in PAL land so as a last resort I tried NTSC and b****r me, all the formats in NTSC are smooth ! WTF !
Anyone any idea why PAL is crap and NTSC is OK? I don’t mind using NTSC but can’t understand why the problems are all with PAL formats.


That’s a new one to me! I’ve used the NTSC setting since I had mine.

PAL/NTSC mean nothing these days, other than the frame rates available whilst each is selected.
Those terms only have any relevance in the encoding of analogue interlaced TV transmissions … and who has a TV that uses them, these days. I guess some parts of the world are still have analogue TVs.

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Ive used NTSC since I got mavic as well.

PAL has lower frame rate, 24fps compared to 30fps which won’t help.

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24 harks to celluloid film … a rate often made available (on other video camera’s I’ve had) whilst either PAL or NTSC is selected.

Yup - old “PAL” was really 50 interlaced frames, so fudged movement. Hard 25fps “p” digital video would accentuate pan movement … make it a tad “notchy”.
I would pop out and try, but …. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah your right, 25fps. I knew it was twenty something lol.

All this messing with the “other” drone is starting to show.

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So many drones so little time…

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Well that’s a surprise, I thought you use the format for the country you’re in, NTSC for USA and PAL for UK. Quite surprised everyone seems to be using NTSC by default. I’m not complaining, just happy I seem to have got a good result.

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As above, relevant to analogue TV.

Most modern TVs scan at 60hz … because, USA/Japan used NTSC @30fps … 60 interlaced frames per sec.

So, replaying, your video @ 30fps/60fps is a far better sync … and, for the same reason, 25fps video can look “wrong” on a modern TV.

Another reason a lot of people use a 60fps video recording speed as their default, and then for all editing.


Could the problem be shutter speed? What shutter speed are you using? Usual advice is the shutter speed should be set to the same or a multiple of the frame rate, so 25 fps should have a shutter speed of 25 or 50 etc.

ALL the settings in PAL, show the jerky footage. All the settings in NTSC are OK, exceptr 4k 24fps. Weird. Ive tried 180 degrees in PAL and nd filters but always get stuttering footage.
Methinks I’ll stick to NTSC.

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Glad to hear you got it sorted Peter!! :+1:

Thanks Rich, I was beginning to think I’d got a faulty gimbal or something until I saw everyone appeared to be using NTSC.