Getting brave in Portugal

Unedited flight from earlier today at Praia dos Olhos de Água Portugal.

Mavic Pro, no filters uploaded straight from quicktime on my MacBook.



Did you need to apply for permission or just chance it.

Was thinking a break there in May.

Walked down the beach and took off from a small cove, I’d argue I met all the rules for flights, it was all shot well away from anyone, although it is class 3 airspace (had to keep an eye out for the parasailers)

Definitely nothing wrong with your flight but thought they had some crazy rule where you had to apply for permission if recording video or images.

Can’t see many people doing that though.

@milkmanchris I’m not trying to make a point with this question, just curious, what was the furthest distance the drone was from you\the controller.

I’m trying to get an idea of signal efficiency and battery time etc. in relation to distance traveled.

I enjoyed the video :+1:

Whilst not mine … the M2P’s performance is very similar to the MP.

This was a flight I did the other day …

Max range: 1.2km
Duration : 9:44
Battery used : 37%

Signal strength map:

As you can see - perfect signal. OK - over water - line of sight - etc, but hopefully gives you an idea and some confidence.


I have gone further for testing purposes, this time over the wastelands of North/East Yorkshire

Hope that helps, as @OzoneVibe says Ive never had a real problem and if signal has dropped its always come back* (*2016-2018)