Getting Started

I got my Controller as we all know, I have downloaded A SIM Verosidrone, think that’s how it’s spelt, the controller works no problems, I’m finding it hard, I’m wondering should I get a small drone , don’t worry about the goggles for now & just go and have a go ? I feel if I keep it close to me with out the view situation and just use line of site I can get a feel on what the drone actually does when I move the controller etc.

It’s actually harder to fly line of sight in fact I can’t actually fly at all line of sight. You’re better off actually learning the controls in the sim. If you’re struggling in the sim and crashing a lot then it won’t be any different with a real quad except when you crash the real quad you’ll more than likely break something then you’ll need to repair it and depending on how badly you bust it up may have to replace parts. It will get expensive very quickly.

My advice is persevere with the sim, took me over 7 hours of solid sim time before I could even fly forward and make a turn without crashing. Just takes practice and muscle memory :+1:t2:


I would not recommend trying line of sight until you have a good control of the drone. As Deano says if anything it’s harder! I thought the same as you when I got my first quad and tried line of sight flying. It can escalate out of control very quickly. I had it hovering and turning kind of ok and then it went a little higher (bad throttle control) and caught the wind. That’s not too bad I thought I’ll just bring it back towards me. Turns out I had lost orientation and it was moving away from me and even when I did get it facing me again I could not get enough angle to get it back (it was in angle mode). It ended up drifting towards a private school over the other side of the playing field. I was lucky to get it back with no one hurt or any damage done. I have to say that made me really nervous about flying it again. Once you have control through the goggles the orientation is much easier as right is right left is left etc. Give it more time in the sim and eventually it will just click. If not and you want to go for it, do it with the goggles, not LOS. As Deano says though, this can get real expensive real quick :grin: Good luck man whatever you decide :+1:t2:


I’ll just persevere till I get good enough, much harder than I thought, I think some of it is the speed you can get up to in a few seconds, it’s very different to Camera drones, suppose that’s the attraction, I’m looking forward to even getting decent on the SIM, but will take the advice & stick to my armchair til I know what I’m doing, :+1:

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It will click eventually I promise. We all start where you are and I’m sure everyone at some point or other thought bugger this its ridiculous how hard it is to control but once it clicks it clicks. I’m not saying it clicks and all of a sudden you’re Maverick out of Top Gun lol but the basic flight and turns will click and you’ll feel alot more in control :+1:t2:


Just to add another voice to the above. Took me about 12 hours in the sim for it to click. I’d been dabbling with the Nanohawk indoors occasionally but it really didn’t get me anywhere.
Once I’d got the knack in the simulator, transferring to the real thing was much easier.

The main thing for me was getting used to how little movement you need on the sticks. You can’t go sloshing them around to hard. :grin:

I’m getting slightly better, it supprised me how difficult it is, as you have said the slightest of moves makes a big change, one of the difference I find more suprising is fpv can turn on a tanner camera drones a lot more time to control it, I am sticking with the SIM till I’m very comfortable but on the hunt for the rest of my gear so I have got time to get it as right as I can, I have my Goggles & battery charger no battery’s yet, I’m probably going for a small Hawk 1st, any advice on a few batteries to stock props etc is appreciated.

I wouldn’t buy anyl batteries until you know exactly which quad you are going for. There are so many different options of batteries and quads and they are not all compatible so you could be wasting time and money buying things you just don’t need.

Makes sense, it was just a thought as I go through eBay,

You’re next big purchase should be goggles :+1:t2: there are several ways you can connect them to your PC so you can use them with the sim for that added real feeling depending on what goggles you go for.

Also another big decision to make is Analogue or digital as this will determine the goggles you buy.

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I have Goggles, there analogue, Aomway commander V1, they have a Hdmi connection may connect them.


If they have a hdmi input you should be able to connect them to your laptop/pc :+1:t2:

So you’ve got radio and goggles I’d say your next purchase should be the Emax Tinyhawk freestyle 2 for when you’re ready to give the real thing a go. It should work with both your radio and goggles and costs about £100 and will give you the closest feel to flying a full 5 inch mini quad. :+1:t2: out of the box it’s setup perfect for a beginner. And due to its light weight it shouldn’t break to easily in a crash so is the perfect starting point.

Just make sure to pick up extra batteries when/if you do order it. :+1:t2: