Getting your own drone back from dji

If i have to send my mpp in for repair to DJI,is there any way to make sure i get my own drone back?I like my mavic.and look after it well. So i kinda get attached to my bird,and dont want DJI sending me another of which i dont know the history! .I am talking about non DJI care refresh BTW

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Tony, I haven’t heard of a single instance where anyone has received the same drone back from DJI.

From either warranty repair, out of warranty repair, Care Refresh, etc.

Check out this thread from last week on a similar subject:

Bottom line? Don’t crash.

You have now! … tho perhaps because I declined their totally ridiculous quote that had nothing to do with the fault I reported, so asked for it to be sent back.

Thanks Rich,good advice ,touch wood been ok so far.and have put a few hours on my bird,if worst happened would look to having it repaired in uk?,or do it myself?:+1::+1:

A wee update from me - Trading Standards told me the drone DJI sent me was Replacement Goods, and as it is faulty too I can send it back to Jessops for either a brand new replacement or refund. Result :+1:

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I’m amazed they sent you back your actual drone :open_mouth: Blimey… Perhaps there is an exception to the rule then!

I guess it depends on the severity of the damage?

I’d have a go at repairing it myself first, there’s enough YouTube videos out there, and if it’s already broken, you haven’t got much to lose :slight_smile:

If it was going to cost something like £500 quid to repair, then you’d probably have to bite the bullet and cash in a DJI Refresh. Or cough up to someone like or Heliguy (probably about the only two people I’d trust with my drones).

Hiya, OzoneVibe sounds about right, reading some of the horror stories ive seen on here and elsewhere! Why DJI cant just treat the drones that belong to us ,that we own,and repair and send them back to us as a service (Which we pay for) i dont know Seems idiotic to me.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I guess they had to - or send one with a different fault - or a brand new one (shame).

I guess if they say they’ll “repair” it’s a lot easier, and far quicker, to send you an already repaired one … then ship large batches of ones for repair back to China for full repair and retesting.