Glad I got my order in

Ordered a mavic 2 pro from jessops Friday (£1199) and still waiting for despatch conformation, but in the meantime I noticed they have put the price up to £1349 wow £150 increase checked curries and Argos and there the same as well now ?
Can’t help wonder why the sudden hyke in price?

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Exchange rate? Supply and demand? Price of oil, rice, who knows. There are so many factors that affect foreign imports. Glad you got your order in, you’ll love it, whatever the price

I got mine from Jessops Mavic Zoom combo £1230 or there about and DJI refresh for just over £100 bargain, but been waiting for a spare battery for weeks now, on back order

I’m guessing the DJI Summer Sale has now ended?


Also price establishment for a future markdown.


Seems I’ve got to wait a bit longer for my m2p out of stock and no restock date yet for the flymore kit and smart controller, provisional date of 8-7 19
They were going to cancel order and re order when new stock arrives?..
No way hosay! I’ll have it at the original price quoted :+1: