Glasgow's Latest Bridge ... and some of the older ones

Decided to get some shots today of Glasgow’s latest bridge, the Stockingfield Bridge. It’s part of a £14 million project to reconnect three communities in north Glasgow and complete the last linkage in the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath. I counted three drones, including mine in the hour I was there. Got talking to a guy flying the new Mavic 3 Classic, I definately want one now! Oh and please do not adjust your sets… it does sit at an angle lol

Also stopped off on my way home to get some night shots of the Clydeside in Glasgow.

Stockingfield Bridge - Mini 3 Pro - 3 image manual pano

Mini 3 Pro - 6 image HDR

Glasgow Clydeside - Mini 3 Pro


Stunning photos, John :clap:

It is the first time the communities of Maryhill, Gilshochill and Ruchill have been connected since the waterway opened in 1790.

It certainly is a nice bridge … and a far sight better than what was there before.

Site in 2020:



Cheers Chris :+1: Yeah, a huge improvement though they could be doing with getting rid of the eyesore on the left side of the canal.

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Yep, I saw that in both photos. Shame. But it’s tricky with privately own breakers yards I guess.

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As always - stunning set of photos John :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks John :+1:

Impressive bridge, great photo’s :+1:

Great night shots