Glen Nevis, Scotland

Taken with my iPhone whilst on holiday last week in Scotland.


Good photo

Thanks @Ray1. Fell very lucky with the ‘Scottish Weather’!!

Cracking shot! @CSB73 I’m a little jealous. I was supposed to be up in Scotland for my Birthday mid September as a surprise trip but couldn’t go :sob:
Hoping to get up there next year :crossed_fingers:t2:

Definitely try to go @SirGunner. My wife and I travelled the nc500 plus hopped over to Lewis and Harris. Some of the beaches and scenery there are just amazing. If you’re lucky with the weather some of the best in the world in my opinion anyway! Don’t forget your drone. Would be criminal not to take it! Only wish I could have flown more than I did!

Chris, I’m curious, how busy were the roads on the NC500

It’s always weather like that here in Scotland - we just tell everyone it rains all the time and is cold and blows howling gales - you’ve captured the truth - the secret is out!!
:rofl: :rofl:

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Not very busy at all, which surprised me a little. Even along the very top of the mainland from John O’ Groats to Durness the road narrows to a single lane with passing places. Managed to navigate a motorhome with no problems. Would definitely recommend it.

Last time I rode those roads must be about 30 years ago before they called it the NC500.
Time flys, seems like yesterday.
Stunning part of the country for sure

We did actually pack for 4 different seasons after hearing those rumors. Even bought a new waterproof jacket. Never used it!! @stridingsandal.