Glencoe and Killin

Hi guys filmed this with my phantom 4 during last summer


Hi Colin - when posting a YouIube link stick it on a line of its own then the video will appear in your post

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blah blah blah rhubarb mumble blah blah



Stunning locations, but you might want to try slowing it down a bit, some of the movement is just too fast. Try going for the slow cinematic look (imho :+1:)

Cool video :+1:t2: I agree with Drumsagard, slow and smooth. Music would have fitted much better with slower movements :ok_hand:t3: still good to see the outdoors when we’re all stuck in at the moment :clap:t2:

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Hi @Colin1 I’ve edited your post to get the nice one box preview of your video that’ll get you more clicks :wink:

You posted 6. Hi guys filmed this .........

All you need is to put the YouTube link in a line of its own no spaces likethis

Hi guys thank you for watching it was first time flying up there will try nice slow movement nxt time

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Hi milkmanchris thank you it was my first time posting thanks :+1:

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Great scenery up there. Check out Drone Film guide on You Tube.

Thanks stu will do :blush:

once lockdown lifts in Scotland, I promised myself a day or overnoight camp around there, just to capture some of that scenery

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Ye cragdoo can’t wait till we are free to go wandering again