Glencoe approach, Scotland. Sunrise, midday and sunset


Hi Rob fantastic video very breathtaking love the mist over Rannoch Moor​:ok_hand::+1:

Stunning footage you got there, nicely put together. I can’t wait to get to Glencoe with the drone. Thanks for sharing!

Brilliant, the water was like glass a mirror, and those red sky’s were immense, thanks for sharing

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Great views mate, lots more water about than we normally see. Can’t wait till September for our trip up with the drone.:sunglasses::sunglasses:

Great footage, what’s the music for your sunrise shots?

There were so many opportunities for still photography shots to take out of that flight!

Most would look great on a wall.

Colours and atmosphere is perfect… great job.

I still think the three main priorities for photography and video are… Location, Location and
being there! LOL

I also took some stills but haven’t looked at them yet on the PC

Something I put together using Magix Music Maker

as someone already mentioned… the water surface in places looked like a mirror!

I’d venture to say you could sell those images.

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Wow outstanding footage, can’t wait until November when I am up that way, hopefully I will have sussed the video side of the drone by then

It’s all about the weather. It can change so quick. Just take way more footage than you think you may need.

I was up at 03:00 to get up there just before sunrise at 04:30

I hope you get some magical weather.

Good luck.

Great footage !!! :mountain: