Glencoe Pano 13/02

After much back n forth with NTS, they allowed me to do a flight at Glencoe, here’s one of a few I snapped on my mini 2 before all the bad weather.


If you TOAL on public ground you don’t need permission from NTS.

I would keep an eye on NOTAM’s for that area though as fast jets sometimes come down through the valley well below mountain top level.


Nice pano well captured :ok_hand: :+1: :clap:

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Cheers Colin!

Amazing picture those colours give it great effect :+1:

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This is true but I figured being new to flying and wanting to stop at an easg place without too kuch walking it didnt hurt to check with them. Good for putting us in a good light too I suppose !

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Thank you!

I was told that the RAF don’t issue Notams, you have to ring the number on their low flying site and ask on the day. I’ve done that in the Lake District.

You may well be correct on that. I don’t know if glencoe is a regular training area but I have seen them down really low between the A82 and Buchaille Etive Mor. Well below summit heights. Trouble is by the time you hear them its way too late to do much to descend very much

I’ll bear that in mind next time I’m up there!
You can notify your flights here
and they’ll take your location into account when planning their sorties if you email before 8pm the previous day.