Go4 4.1.18 pano option for the Mavic

So Epson released 4.1.18 for the Moverio glasses today which includes the pano options… Have missed this option since selling my Spark. Low resolution image:

What does the Mavic do here @Peter?

Does it take three pics (wide) and stitch them together?

The photo above was made up from 21 photos taken by the Mavic. It saves them in jpg and raw so one 180 deg pano uses up 21 x ~5.3mb plus 21 x ~23.75mb = 610mb. The different pano modes take 3, 9 21 or 34 images for each shot. You can use Go4 to stitch them but I prefer to use Image Composite Editor by Adobe. It’s free and pretty slick. You can do it in Photoshop too but it’s nowhere near as good as ICE, in my experience. The image after running the photos through ICE ends up fairly large depending upon which mode you use.

This is a 9 shot pano with lowered resolution so it’ll upload here:

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