Go4 Update - Android - 4.2.12

Nothing momentous in the release notes.

Perhaps people can add any other changes they notice?

and this is what you get on iOS

Yeah - there were a couple of “Android only” items in the Android release notes. Good that it all ties together correctly.

Well, at least a brief (v.windy!) hover in the garden confirms that they haven’t sneaked in some kind of check to see if the MP firmware is “official” and “original”, and that “offending modules” haven’t been removed … :wink:

For Spark it appears OTG is finally officially supported. I used to use it on my old Sony Phone and it cured the terrible video feed lag. Don’t use it on my current phone, however I may try it as it would allow Facebook live stream when connected to OTG.

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Looks like they’ve done a micro-update (Android).
New one today.
Still 4.2.12 but a new build.
Now build 2031010, as opposed to Monday’s 2031008.

Haha haha haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It did install. I’ll check it tomorrow

Where can I get this, v 4.2.8 still on Google Paystore. Thanks!

That was from Google Playstore, as the screen grab suggests.
If you have app updates set to auto, it may have already updated?
I have updates to manual for all apps.

Thanks …

Strange - I deleted 4.2.8 and reinstalled from Google Playstore but it just reinstalled 4.2.8 … no sign of 4.2.12.


It can take a couple of days to roll out for everyone.

Check the App Info on your phone.
Seems the Playstore Info is at variance with what installed. Might have been the cause of that incompatibility message I got.

Looks like they did a further build/release of 4.2.12.
Probably nothing more than correcting the mis-matching version numbers of yesterday’s.
Now everything says 4.2.12.
No changes to first release notes.
No incompatibility message, either.

Yet a further build/release of 4.2.12 today.
2031016, this time.

One has to assume there were issues with the earlier ones, tho everything worked fine for me using the third build/release.

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Blooming Heck!

A 5th build/release of 4.2.12!

I find it incredible that they can keep altering an app without bumping the version number or release notes to inform the world what they’ve changed?!


They keep changing so that it agrees with the release notes they have issued … ergo, nothing to add. :wink: