God bless the Sherborne Neighbourhood Policing Team

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I like the 3rd comment on that item. :+1:


A rise in the use of drone in the area

Random drones over fields of cows, and vineyards :joy:


Could it be that motorists are now not the only easy targets???

Oh, motorists are easier than ever. Rather than an officer having to assess a situation and make a judgement it is now all automated. Speed camera - 85 on the M4 on a clear, bright summer Sunday morning at 6 a.m. - Bang to rights! Same road, winter, pouring rain 6 p.m 70 mph - no problem.

Police don’t want to get drawn into dronewatching and, once the EASA rules come in, the law will be too complex for your average, non-aviation specialist copper to make a snap judgement.

Hate to say it but it would be far easier for them if drones were illegal.

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Our problem or should I say, the problem of the law abiding drone pilots (us :innocent::wink:) amongst us that we get pulled down to the level of the illegal idiots who cause trouble!


Think I might watch the video of me doing 165MPH… :crazy_face: