Godrevy sunset

One of my favourite spots for a sunset.


Nice shot - do the locals still call it Red River…?


Wow, what an amazing shot! Really dramatic. What camera or drone did you take it on?

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yes, the river that comes out near godrevy comes direct from the old mines in camborne and used to run red with the silt, all clear nowadays.

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thanks sam, that was taken on a fuji xt-1, 2.5sec at f22 using an nd filter not sure what grad

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Thanks wasn’t sure if that was still known as Red River.

I have an old book - Britain From The Air that with some great aerial pics from a balloon.

Used to surf there regularly up till about 1996.


really, may well have been in there at the same time, one of regular waves. grew up here then moved away and back a few times.

still known as red river even though not red any more

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I moved to Scotland in 99 and explored the empty reefs that litter the huge coastline. Thurso East etc. I have only surfed in the SW once since 1999. Dead keen to get the drone up there now!

ha me to, so tempting to drive out as everywhere is quiet but people getting stopped by police down here in and out of st ives and penzance.

Did you surf Porthleven when you were down here or zennor reef?

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Never surfed any reefs in Cornwall as they all seem so localised. Stories of grockles getting tyres slashed etc. It’s the reason I moved to Scotland.

Some guys I know are regulars at Porthleven. Does look good.

I surf standing waves now in rivers - weirs and natural rapids.

Sorry I’ve gone off topic here!

Have you got any good drone surf shots?

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That is a wonderful picture👌First class

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