Goggles needed

Hey all, i have the avata fpv drone but my goggles v2 have gone weird, and it looks like im watching the matrix. Anyone have any goggles for sale…

Send them back to DJI :+1:t2:

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100% do this - they’re service is surprisingly good once you get to an advisor.


Yeah thanks being collected tomorrow…

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Let us know how you get on

Well just got a email from Dji they are repairing my goggles for free, which is good but was hoping they might of sent me out another newer pair lol. Fitting a new barrel module…

They may say “repairing for free”, but they actually repair very little in the Netherlands (it all gets sent back to China for actual repair), and they actually replace with refurbished/new.
So there’s still a possibility! :crossed_fingers:

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Well thanks guys i received my new goggles today, but only like for like lol, they didnt upgrade them shame lol