Goggles & Remote, Finally got some

Well I finally made a decision and got my Goggles & Controller I got the Aomway v1 Goggles and the jumper T lite 4 in 1 & I also got a battery charger bout them on eBay of the 1 seller so seemed the right thing to do, I watched a lot of YouTube about the items they all the reviews seemed ok, I’m going to spend a bit of time on a sim then maybe buy a small Tiny hawk type drone & give it a whirl, bought the batteries needed for the controller it only needs 1 but bought a couple, Had a fly of my camera drone over the weekend, it was about 5 o’clock just could not see my phone or the drone so just practiced low flying turning etc in sports mode but did not spend long,

Regards john

Good to hear you are getting started on your journey with FPV.

I’d never heard of the goggles but from what i’ve quickly read online they seem to be a credible alternative to Fatsharks etc.

The jumper t lite is a good cheap transmitter - Can I ask if you have bought new or used?
The reason being i’ve had two of them in the past. The first was from Banggood in china and became faulty pretty quickly which I had a full refund for. The latter I bought from the UK, had no issues and have sold recently myself.

The Controller is new from Unmanned Tech got it for about £72 with postage, the Goggles are from a guy in Scotland I bout them and a charger, the charger was around £120 new I got it of him for £60, he says they have not been used, I tryed to get his Controller but I got outbid it was the x16 but I’m quite happy with what I’m getting his Controller whent for about £130 probably worth it,

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