Going down... hard :(

Well, after a spectacular AM yesterday, the afternoon sadly turned out a wee bit more catastrophic. :man_facepalming:

Was flying my FPV Phoenix fixed-wing, which has a Matek 405 INAV FC inside. Lost stick input with no telemetry or power warnings so I hit RTH and it just fell out of the sky. Really still not quite sure why tbh, don’t know if FC had a senior moment or did a reset. It (sadly) had power all the way to the floor, just no controls. RSSI was reading 96/97 when I lost VTX.

Used my ProTek to do a quick scouting mission before setting off across a couple of fields to recover it. (Note: British hedgerows are evil :unamused:)

Happily it appears the expensive stuff survived - including the GoPro which even had a piece of prop embedded in it (but tbh I have the insurance on that - which I’ve already used once this year!)