Going West Yorkshire Next Week

Hi Fellow droners

I’ll be up in West Yorkshire (Pontefract) for 3 nights from Monday 26th. Any recommendations on where I can fly drones there?


My neck of the woods, any preference on the subject matter or do you just want to fly for flyings sake?

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Hi mate

Just interesting places to do some recording.

Ill have a think and let you know, where u staying and what time you thinking of going out to fly

On monday i should be there probably late afternoon. I’ll be at the travelodge in pontefract.

Ferrybridge power station just up the road, don’t get too close though.
Enjoy yourself am sure the sun will be shining, always does in West Yorkshire.
The sunshine state​:joy::joy::joy:

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Thanks for that @mickydd i’ll look that up on the satellite map view :slight_smile: