GONE - Free, but only if you go to the Big Meet V2.0

I’ve got three action cameras (GoPro clones) that I don’t need or want anymore.

  1. Turnigy 4K Black Edition in waterproof case with extra battery and spare case back plate
  2. “Splash” small action cam (like GP Session) in waterproof case
  3. Cheapo 1080p cam in waterproof case.

Don’t want anything for them, but I’m not going to post (basically can’t be arsed). So if you’re going to the BM V2.0 next Saturday and want a camera for nowt, just find me next weekend and they/it are yours.


Can the admin change this to “GONE” please?

Pretty sure you can edit titles too?

Feeling like shit mate, can’t be arsed to mess about and think too much! :grinning: