Gonna try some cinewhooping

Picked up a holybro cinewhoop
Should be fun


Is the whole thing 3D printed? :thinking:

No carbon frame with printed ducts

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In the non-FPV world we call those prop guards :smiley:

What does it weigh? And do you just need to add a battery and away you go?

Those are definately ducts mate. :rofl: :rofl:

Look at the clearance between duct and prop tip.

Increases thrust and eliminates tip vortex.

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Clearance between prop and the “ring” is about .5mm
It’s setup for the dji fpv system but could easily carry a GoPro.

All up it’s gonna be around the 350g mark (mostly battery) has 3” props and runs on a 4s lipo

Plug and play… hmm sort of? It’s plug and play for the dji fpv system and there are other options available for people not using that

It will still need setting up in betaflight etc

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Ok so what is cinewhooping? How’s it different from normal whooping?

Good question.

Cinewhooping is all about high quality hd video. I’m hoping to tell a story of the Killakwads winter whoops series on Sundays with it…

If my editing has any possibility of being ya know good

Sounds like an instant Christmas classic… Move over Frozen 2!

Posted my mates video on the forum for you to see what it’s about

@Wyntrblue I’m guessing you have a bag full of spare printed ducts! I can vouch for the winter whoops. Great fun for all abilities. People there are friendly and will let you try fpv. Well worth a visit if you’re not too far away.

Nah won’t need spares not planning on crashing lmao

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