Good afternoon new to Grey Arrows

Can anyone recommend Drone College? For my PfCO?

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Welcome to the club Paul, I’m sure someone will be along soon with some recommendations for you :ok_hand:

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Check some of these out, used by other members in the past (prices may have changed):

PfCO Training and Certification

CDT (Commercial Drone Training)
Comprehensive residential course including accommodation and meals.

Cambridge UAV Acadamy commercial drone training.

Three day ground school.

PfCO course operated by ex-army helicopter pilots for £625+VAT, two day course.

Commercial Drone Pilot Training for £999+VAT, threeday Fast Track Course.


Good morning, thanks PingSpike I really appreciate the comprehensive response. Kind regards.

Thanks Alex, i will also look at PDF’s kind regards

Hi Paul,

Hope that you are well and enjoying this forum.

No, I meant Phantom Flight School they offer flight training to both recreational drone pilots and to PfCO holders (like myself). If you would like to know more about them either, DM me or visit their website:

Unless you have an immediate need for PfCO, migt be worth holding back a while to see what the EASA regs ‘might’ bring.

*if they can ever decide the way we are going


I don’t think they will go ahead EASA this is a get out of jail card for them all this going on my opinion only

I can say uav8 are amazing there all apache attack helicopter instructors and still all serving members of the army they have over 100 years of aviation knowledge between them I did my pfco there they do look after you well!! :wink: