Good day to all

I’m Muizz just joined. I’m trying to install Google Play Store on my Crystalsky. Here i am trying to access to member site access only. Glad if anyone could explain it to me how to root using windows. I have download U-Buntu but failed to copy the file into my Crystalsky.

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Welcome Abdul,
Sorry I have no idea what you are talking about.
Apologies for my ignorance!

I hope better informed members can aid you.

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Thanks Boydey.

I’ve been reading this page How to root your DJI CrystalSky monitor and gain SuperUser / SU access with some easy hacks but i cant get access to read the link unless a member to this site only.

I hope i could solve my problems soon enough.

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Hello @abdulmuizz and welcome to Grey Arrows.

Members need to contribute in order to gain access to the restricted areas. Please take a look at the details here FAQ - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK

Trust Level 2 is required in order to access the Downloads section.

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The good news is that even an oik like me can earn Trust level 2. It doesn’t take long and it’s earned by reading and participating in the numerous posts: that keep appearing. Give it a try :email:l :slight_smile:


thanks for the info…:+1:

Since you create the topic, can i have those download links? :pleading_face:

participate !, don’t just expect to get all the benefits of the site after just 3 hours of being a member !!.
If you are serious about being a member ,read the rules.

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I am serious about being a member!! This site have many inputs as i go through all the post. There’s a lot i get to know plus i get a good and fast reply from you guys. Thanks for mention it. :+1:

Don’t get me wrong, we will give any member all the help they need to progress with their drone.
We are here to share our experiences and problems, and we do go the “extra mile” to solve members problems.
Enjoy your stay here, and hopefully you can learn from some very experienced members.


There’s a downloads section? There are trust levels? Wow! It’s getting really MIB! Sign me up!