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Got access to Bard today, asked it where I can fly a 249gm drone in the UK …


That’s got to be an early alpha version. No mention anywhere of getting the flying lessons and insurance with google’s paying “partners”. Actual google searches are completely dominated by the ‘sponsored links’, these days.

Rephrased the question from a 249gm drone to under 250gm, better response

I asked chatGPT and got this

where I can fly a drone under 250g in the UK …

As of March 2023, the UK has introduced a new drone legislation system which includes three categories - Open, Specific and Certified. The Open category is divided into three subcategories - A1, A2, and A3.

If your drone weighs less than 250g, you can fly it in the A1 subcategory of the Open category. However, to fly in this subcategory, you must:

Register as an operator and pass an online test to get a Flyer ID and an Operator ID
Follow the drone safety rules, which include flying your drone at a maximum height of 120m and maintaining a distance of 50m from people, vehicles, and buildings not under your control
Not fly your drone over a congested area or within 150m of a congested area
You can find more information about the drone regulations in the UK on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website or on the UK Dronecode website.


Clearly ChatGpt is ahead of Bard which gives me the feeling of being sat on top of a search engine.

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ChatGPT is mental…

I have used it a lot recently in my day job in website design and development.

Things I have had it do.

Write blog posts
Write code, you give it what you want and bingo it’s explains how to code it with all the code.
Fix code, paste in code and tell it to fix it.
Using a Shopify plugin it auto writes product descriptions
Write conclusion for a essay
Give me a pub quiz

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Yeah it is - proper impressive/scary depending on how much you worry about Terminator coming true :slight_smile:

I’ve also used it for code - it did an amazing solution for how to count repetitions of words and sentences in text. A client asked us how to do it, I just sent them what chatGPT created - freaky! And it was a great solution - very neat…

It also did a couple of very good limericks that I wanted for a birthday card (I actually did a better one of my own but the chatGPT ones were impressive for a subject that is not something you can easily just search for).

Now, we just need to make sure no-one asks it for the nuclear codes…

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The CAA website as of 22/03/23 states this:-


Drones and model aircraft below 250g

If you’re flying a drone or model aircraft that’s below 250g, you can fly closer to people than 50m and you can fly over them.

All the AI answers regarding the drone flight contain inaccuracies.

Granted, it’s a tricky topic that even those in the know can have a hard time unravelling, but the change between “249g” and “under 250g” should not mean the difference between, "you can register your drone with the CAA. This is not required, " and, “it is illegal to fly a drone without registering it with the CAA”. Both of which are either right or wrong, depending on other conditions which, to be fair, the AIs have not been made aware of.

My worry is that too much faith is put in AI output, which in its current state still seems to be somewhat lacking in many areas.


I know what AI means, but this was from the CAA’s own website. I use Drone Assist, UAV Forecast etc, so is that information correct or could that be false due to AI?

When you really look into AI it is very concerning, I was chatting with a programmer last week, and they designed an AI program that would pose and work out problems then repeat them with another AI unit, they became so intelligent they had to turn them off in the end as they suddenly both started communicating in encrypted code that no one could understand except the 2 AI units.

Bottom line with the 249g drones is fly them safely and keep VLS at all times, when staring out with my mini 3 pro I was looking at the controller thinking I knew exactly where the drone was but was way off, that is why I chose an empty field to start with.

Take care.

To late… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Is this chatGPT4 / pro?

Mine (free) is still limited to events 2021 and before.

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I really worry about the effect of AI on children’s education in this country, its in a terrible state as it is but the cheating and subsequent loss of the requirement for actual learning that will certainly increase with the use by pupils of this tech, combined with already existent dearth of critical thinking brought about by ever present internet access and a “that will do” attitude towards literacy from the over reliance on teaching assistants that frankly are not of a decent standard is storing up major problems for Society

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Got access to Bard.

It’s not a patch on ChatGPT.

As a test I asked it,

The suggested letter is full of stuff that’s not relevant and I’m convinced it’s been plucked straight out of someone’s Gmail account.

Slightly off topic but still AI related. Has anyone else tried Nvidia Canvas?
Screen shot of my first attempt, my child like doodling’s on the left, AI generated on the right.

Prog can be downloaded from here…

System Requirements
RAM 4 GB for Standard, 6 GB for Panorama
OS Windows 10
Driver 522.06 or later

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I’d quite like something that did a good job going the other way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not used Bard yet, but I have ChatGPT Plus through work (as a reasonable adjustment for my heavy dyslexia and ADHD).

I promise I never waste work time with the following prompt on GPT-4.

Let’s play chess. Represent a chess board graphically using characters for each move (using letters such as “r” for rook and “p” for pawn), and keep track of each move using algebraic chess notation and a graphical character representation. The graphical representation of the chessboard should have letter and number notations for each axis for ease of reading the board. Do this for each player’s moves after each response from the human player, including showing the updated board after each player’s move.

You shall enforce the rules of chess and correct the human player when a move is illegal and explain why. You shall tell the human player with each move whether their move is legal or not, even when it is legal.

It will be your responsibility to keep track of each player’s moves and update them on the board after both your own and the human player’s stated move.

If a piece is taken during a move, you will say what piece was taken and by which player.

If a player is in check or checkmate, you will say which player is in check or checkmate and from which piece(s).

Once a player is in checkmate, or there is a stalemate, you will announce the result of the game and play back the algebraic notation for each move of the game.

Toss a coin to decide whether you or I, the human player, shall play white. You shall ask me whether I want heads or tails to play white.

anyone discovered a free/ cheap AI that can convert photos to art

There are some seriously twisted people in the world …