Got my camera mounted today

So heres a flippy flop for you. (I would highly recommend muting this)


Nice Alex :+1:t2: What camera you using?

Its a runcam 2 4k, kind of a shame that youtube has spoiled the quality.

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So has that got a built in dvr for recording to sd card?

Ah sorry mate just googled it. Action cam :+1:t2:

Yeah, i could record DVR via my goggles but tbh i dont see why anyone would want to see that quality of footage.

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Thats what I have to do at the moment :confused:

Steve. DVR helps you to see how to do it better next time. Trust me

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Oh for sure no doubt Karl, it’s just not the nicest footage to watch on YouTube lol


Cant disagree with that, the action cam footage doesnt really give you the pilot perspective