For a 5inch, the Radiomaster RP1 the one to go for these days if not wanting Diversity on the RX side? If not, whats the best ELRS RX atm?

@Yith will know :smile:

Seems bardwell recomends the Happymodel or Radiomaster ones, so… that’ll do for me, though @yith beats bardwell

Radiomaster is highly recommended and I’d be considering them these days for sure.

However I have such a stock of HappyModel EP1s and EP2s that I don’t need to buy any more yet.

When I do, I probably will go with the HappyModel ones again. I can burn them all with the same firmware and that just makes life easier.

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Im still happy with my TBS Tracer at the moment so haven’t looked too much into ELRS yet. Its definitely getting more and more popular so I will have to take a proper look at somepoint and see what all the fuss is about :grin:

Well I’m all ELRS anyways, just new RX needed!

The little Jumper RX have been working well for me, and cheaper than the HM ones too at HobbyRC.

Yeah. I got the little jumper tx module. I’ve not tried it much yet, but it seems good. So I’m not surprised the rx modules have been good as well.

I had the Jumper TX in a 4 in 1 Zorro and it was fine, no issues ever. The little RXs seem solid too, not had any issues even at medium range of around 1-2km.