Government Drone Consultation


Not sure if you are aware of the consultation being conducted by the Government on Drones to help draft appropriate laws. The BMFA posted a news article on 21st August flagging this up. If you have not already seen this news article, you can find it here - Response is required by 17th Sep 2018 - so there is not much time remaining.

If you follow the link, you will find that the BMFA has put in a link to the Government Survey as well a providing a document that gives the response that the BMFA and the 3 other Model Flying Groups have agreed to submit in response to the Government’s request for information. The BMFA has suggested that as many members as possible might wish to use this guidance to respond to the Government and thus provide a large number of inputs giving the same sort of information. There were only 200 inputs to the original EASA notice of drone regulations but following some good work by the 4 largest model flying associations, we gained the Exemption to the Drone regulations, apart from multi rotor pilots who are limited to not exceeding 400 ft altitude, allowing us to continue to fly model aircraft much as we have always done.

This is now an opportunity for all 36,000 BMFA members to provide their input in a coordinated fashion that will impress on the Government that we are not to pushed around!

At the very least, every Club in the Area ought to respond and, ideally, all your Club members should respond as well. Following the guidance in the document which can be found here (, it is relatively easy to fill in the Government questionnaire. Note, that you do not need to respond to all questions and it is possible to start and then save your response and to return to it later on.

Let’s make sure that the Government is aware that there is a strong group of aeromodellers who have operated safely for many years and are not going to be a push over when some highly contentious laws are being drafted for the commercial use of drones in UK airspace.


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