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Hi folks,
Just came across this website which may be of interest to fliers.
Interesting to see that “the local community” is to be encourage to report fliers…

Food for thought.

The great British public will not be reading this.
.How many are aware of this department of Gov…?
Now if the SUN or the MIRROR reran it as an article…and even then … :rofl: :rofl:

I was quite surprised by the revelation of various unknown departments which are not in

the public domain, even though they are UK Government agencies or associates. Anti drone technology is big business these days so it makes sense to push it hard as a threat.

It is quite understandable that with the UK being under threat from various directions that managers of sensitive areas be warned about the drone problem but this has little to do with our own hobby.

Quite soon we will see all airspace freed up for Amazon deliveries so the number of flights will be greatly increased, making it easier for a terror attack.You will see that the fictional “Gatwick Incident” was headlined in the introduction!

My objection to all this is lumping in hobby fliers with the criminal element and the official encouragement of the public to report fliers to the police.

Every Grey arrows edition has reports of flying areas being banned for not good reason. Its not acceptable.

I’m lucky as I live in Scotland where the problem is very much less. I’m lucky if I see anyone flying locally! We also have unlimited open spaces nearby, so next year plan a holiday up here and you will be amazed by the scenery with no one bothering you,

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We could all be labelled terrorists, soon.

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