GPS 5v or 3.3v

New GPS units should arrive tomorrow. The speedy bee has at least 2 4.5-5V USB powered outputs (so RX and GPS can go on that, RX already is).

With the Mamba H7 I have and going to use on tonight’s build, seems there only one 4.5-5v output powered when USB plugged in. There is however a 3.3 pad, and most GPS units (including the one I am getting) accept 3.3-5V. So will this be OK. And should you prefer 3.3 or 5v if there is a choice?

Strangely the SB F405/V3 states there’s a 3.3V output in the features, but dont see if on the diagram…


Can ignore that final comment re the 3.3… Found it on the RX area of the board :wink:

I assume you have your rc receiver on the USB powered 5v pad, in which case you can put the gps there as well, I have done for years on all makes of FC without harm
As a double check measure voltage on the pad when powered, if you are overloading it the reading will be below 4.4v ish
You will be ok also to use 3v3, although the GPS has a built in regulator it’s offset is so low it all works OK

One thing to note. If you use a “GPS Mate” then you must use 5V or it won’t charge the “GPS Mate” battery.