Grandson Takes To The Air

Weather finally allowed me to get the Typhoon H airborne today, with my Grandson flying my Hubsan H501S.

Happy days… :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


'fraid my grandson is more interested in his console than any of my flying machines :disappointed:


He loves flying. He has “Windy App” on his phone and calls me when ever he thinks it’s good to fly.


Aww that’s nice

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Haha :slight_smile:

Great to be Young, fearless, easy learning, but, above all, better than the Meccano and Triang Train sets we were use to.

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Great shot of your grandson flying! :ok_hand:

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Thanks everyone, coming on in leaps and bounds with his control of the drone, soon be time to get him thinking about photos and videos. No doubt the letters DJI will be appearing on his Christmas wish list this year, god knows what my eldest daughter will say when she finds out how much they cost… :joy: