Grasmere sunset - again!

Thanks to everyone who’s commented on my Grasmere sunset shot!
Here’s a couple more from the same session.
The first is a square crop of a vertical pan of Helm Crag and the second is a pan of the village and lake while we were waiting for the sunset.


No1 for me …great sense of scale with mountain towering above and a dramatic sky …well done …Alan

Both very nice images, are they as the camera took them or have you used software to change them?
What drone / camera did you use
Thank you

Thanks! Mavic 2 Pro. The sunset is HDR processed in Photomatix. I shot 5 bracketed exposures and used the standard frame and the + and - 1.7 stop frames. Pity it doesn’t work in full stop intervals like my DSLR does. The resulting HDR image was then tweaked in Photoshop. The pan of the village is from I think 3 single shots stitched in Photoshop.
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