Great to be back after 18 months

Since the age off 4,when my dad took me to my first game at Maine Road I have been a city fan. For the last 25 or so years I pretty much have attended most games, but the last 18 months I haven’t been to one!
Yesterday was my return, it was a little surreal and I was very apprehensive as most I suspect. I haven’t been out much over this strange period, not been on a tram or to Manchester, not even the pub.

It was good to be back :grinning:


What did it feel like, being back in the middle of a capacity crowd?

The atmosphere must have been electric :smiley:


An unusually full looking emptihad :wink:

It was great, to be honest after a few minutes it felt like the last 18 months had never happened!
It was just good to feel some normality and being part of the game rather than watching it on TV
and the 5-0 scoreline helped :grinning:

I will ignore that Rag comment :wink:

and point you to the average attendance over the last 4 years
And from a Manc that actually goes to the games :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I applaud anyone that follows/sees their hometown club

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