Great Yarmouth


Really impressed with these 2 videos and the quality from the Mini 3 pro. Frank can you divulge your settings and did you use a ND filter and any post video work. Thanks Andy

Hi mate and thanks for your comments. I was in auto with no ND filters and shooting in Decinalike as I don’t like the normal profile as it is far too saturated.

I did notice during post editing a lot of EV fluctuating as I was circling the statue and think I would have been better off in manual for those shots.

I use Final Cut Pro for editing my footage.

Hope that helps and please ask if you have anymore questions mate and thanks again :+1:

Thanks Frank … that’s great. Really like the quality of the videos and the music ! Think you meant D-cinelike. Yea sometimes manual is better when you have a fluctuating level of exposure. Think the mini 3 is on my shopping list. Here is one I did with a mini 2 : Richmond Yorkshire Aerial Shots - YouTube Cheers Andy

Great footage Andy, I also have got the Mini 2 and not sure I want to part with it and very temped to keep both as the Mini 2 is also a brilliant little drone. Im not really interested in the bigger drones as I like the freedom of less restrictions.

Thanks Frank… yea the sub 250 drones are getting better and better and can be used without many restrictions… hardly worth renewing my Operational Authorisation for my larger drones.

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