Green screen footage on MINI 2

Has anyone else had this problem? - I recently purchased a MINI 2. I have only flown it 3 times so far to test it and myself out!

First flight footage was okay after remembering to switch the video on :laughing: The second flight was over Langstone Harbour in Portsmouth. It was a bright sunny midday. It was difficult to see the screen due to reflection but I did get some good footage of the shoreline at low tide. When I reviewed the footage on my phone it was green as if I had a green filter fitted to the lens.
When I got home I attempted to download the footage to my PC but I had an error message. The first flight footage downloaded fine. I could still view the recorded footage on my phone though.

The card was new and was formatted in the drone.
The make was INTEGRAL ULTIMA PRO, 128GB, V30 XC1 C10 U3 A1.

I reformatted the card and just recorded while the drone was on the kitchen worktop but again the colour dropped out to green on several occasions. I changed the card for a Netac 128GB, V30 XC1 C10 U3 A1, formatted in the drone and the footage from the third flight was good.

I joined GREY ARROWS a few days ago and followed a thread regarding the DJI FLY app where it was advised to download from DJI now and not the play store (which I had). Whilst doing this and I noticed that the image had gone to green again though I was not recording at the time.
I have now downloaded the latest update, shut down, powered up and the picture is good.

I have also purchased two SanDisk cards as specified in the startup guide. I’m just concerned that it might happen again. Will not be flying until my screen shroud arrives!

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No replies - Now I AM worried! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The only time I had something like this was when I brought a cheap SD card off the bay that turned out to be a knock off. Now I only buy from a well known store. Ironically the bad one was labeled SanDisk 128gig it would record fine up to 16gig ok after that all sorts of issues.

I think your train of thought is probably right. I have a mini 2 I have a sandisk extreme card in there, works a treat. For what its worth my canon m50 doesn’t like low spec sd cards, I did used to get corrupted files. Since using the extreme pro in the camera no more problems( probably should read the manual) The screen on my motorola andriod phone is also not the brightest. Of course I’m trying to keep exposure down which also makes the phone image darker. Also I think I need the eyes of an 18 year old! I’ve triyed my ipad which is a better screen but kind of defeats the object of having a small drone outfit. Let us know how you get on with a shroud. T

the green screen effect is basiically the card is crap por tthe file got corrupted :slight_smile: ive had it a Few times then replaced the card and not had itt since :slight_smile:

I have to say that SanDisk is my preferred type but I did have a couple fail in my dashcam. I bought the one specified by Nextbase and now everything is fine. Also the the two SanDisk I have as backup are what DJI recommend so hopefully problem solved. My panic was that perhaps it was the drone.

Hi Oldvolkshome,

I certainly will. I found one on Amazon for £10.49 but went to order it later in the day and they were out of stock! It looked like a chinese seller so I went to good old AliExpress and sure enough they had them in stock, same size (for the MINI 2) and make for £9.74. You just have to wait a couple of weeks! When I went to Amazon 3 days later the seller had doubled his price!!!

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Amazon are just as bad as the bay. Go to argos or currys there prices are not too bad. Also I found the kingston brand SD’s are good and I don’t think there are any ripoff versions. As I said before been ripped off in the past especially ones for my camera EOS R.

I use my for SD cards, been using one of their own brand for over a year without issues.

Don’t know if the 2 is affected by this but you couldn’t open a video file on the original Mini if it was still recording when you turned it off. Quick fix for that, put card back in Mini, turn on, turn off, copy video.

I did remove the card from the drone and plugged into the PC.

Did you stop the video recording before you turned off the drone?

Hi Doodler, no I don’t think I did.

I had a corrupted file from my Mini 2 today. It looked fine on the phone, but when downloaded from the card to a PC it wouldn’t play, came up with an error, corrupted file.
I took roughly four 3 minute videos, on a 32gig Scandisk Extreme, the first 3 were fine, the last one was corrupted. The card was newish, 4 weeks old and only used in the Mini 2.
Technology! @$#@₩

The 2 might have the same issue as the original Mini, haven’t tested it myself. If the last video to be recorded doesn’t play, put the card back in the drone. Turn it on, wait until it’s ready, turn it off and copy again to PC. No need to connect to a controller. It is/was a well known issue, the drone does not close the file properly if turned off before stopping the recording.

When you view a video on the phone, you are viewing a cached copy of video streamed from the drone. You are not watching video stored on the card.

So I suppose the habit to get into is to switch the camera off before switching off the drone.

Did you stop recording first or switch the drone off?

My phone battery was very low, so I was worrying about that running out. Landed it quite quickly, and the cached video on my phone shows me tipping the Drone, so it was recording when I turned the Drone off… Duh!

Thanks very much, I knew its a cached vid on the phone, but appreciate the knowledge about the problem. The cache shows my hand tipping the Drone to turn it off, so it was obviously still recording. Ah well, we live and learn.

I still wonder why the screen went green when I just had the drone switched on and on the kitchen worktop. Will fit one of the new SanDisk cards I have and see what happens.

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All the failsafes still work.

If you’re on iOS (not sure about Android) make sure the controller is set to charge phone, this settign wont stick so you have to do it every time