Greeting from Bedford

Hi one and all,

Long time photographer and newish pilot venturing out in the world!

The wife gave me the gift of flight (or should I say, the highly addictive drug of drones) through a Holy Stone HS165, which was quickly upgraded to an MM2 to give a more stable platform for photography (I suspect more, more expensive drones will certainly follow once the certified drones start surfacing).

Always looking to learn more to improve both my flying and my photography (video is still completely alien to me at the moment!), so I suspect I will be haunting this forum for a while…


Hi Simon and welcome to GADC.

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Welcome. I am also a new member. Although only a small sensor with limited dynamic range the MM2 is an awesome piece of kit.
I would get used to flying first with plenty of practice before upgrading.
As for me I will stick with the MM2.

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Hi Simon, and welcome to Grey Arrows.
I am not far from you on the Beds /Cambs border between Sandy and St. Neots.
Been flying almost a year now, and the only problem that we have around here are all the airfields (mostly historic) which still show on maps.
Enjoy your MM2.