Greeting from the dark side (North East Lincolnshire).

Hi there,

Been dropping in on GADC for a while now and very impressed with what I’ve seen (read) so far and finally thought maybe it’s time I joined.

Having flown a Hubsan H501S for the last couple of years, decided to was time for an upgrade, so now the proud owner of a Typhoon H Realsense. Currently wading through volumes of YouTube videos, studying the manual and getting to grips with the numerous functions of the ST16 controller. Now I need to get out there and get the H airborne, without camera to start with :slightly_smiling_face: and see what this bird can do. Also looking forward to trying out the CCC editor for the H. If anything the only area of concern I have with the H is future availability of spares, batteries etc.


Welcome to Grey Arrows Dave @SeaHunter :slight_smile:

Yeah, been there mate :blush:

Thanks for the welcome Rich,

To right, would be expensive and daft to trash a camera while still getting to grips with the beast. No doubt I’ll forget to lower the landing gear at some point :roll_eyes:

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Welcome Dave,
May the Force be with you !.
and welcome from one of the boys.
Lots of help on here for you to pick our brains, just take things easy, do basic maneuvers to start with, and get the feel of it.
Great drone and you should have lots of fun with it.

Welcome Dave.

Brilliant guys around this forum.
Good luck with your new bird.

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Thanks Chris,

Certainly a step up from the little Hubsan.

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Thanks John,

This has got to be the most friendly drone forum around.


And when we get together… we fly, we have a laugh, we feed our face, we fly again… we have many more laughs… then to the Pub !!, after a great meet !
What could be better !.
Keep an eye open for meet up’s in your area Dave, you never know when they may come along !

To be honest you’ve been flying the husban so the H will be a piece of p155. Some say landing can be iffy in a bit of wind but I’ve not experienced it. You will have the camera back on in no time.
I never took mine off.

Already found the H to be so much more stable than the Hubsan. Just getting my head round the ST16 controller which is light years ahead of the one I have for the H501.

Was looking forward to getting some videos / photos while on a fjord cruise later this month. But have just found out P&O have a blanket ban on drones :rage:, even if you only intend to use it ashore away from the ship.

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Hello and welcome.

tell the prats you are going Fred Olsen next time !!.
It’s time these Cruise lines got their heads out of their arses !!.
Royal Caribbean have !.
Have cruised with both the above ,with no problem !.