Greetings from a nervous drone operator!


Found this group by chance.

About to get my first drone - Mavic Air 2 - but very nervous!

I am not sure how people will respond to seeing it flying!

I live in the South West - but am very conscious of others and perhaps over think as to what they might say about their privacy being invaded etc…

Anyone got any guidance - or should I just cancel the Amazon delivery haha!


Hi isdoo, I was a bit nervous when I got my mini but took it out to the local fields and that soon went away.

I suggest you find a nice open space with nobody around that way if someone does turn up and you’re already there then it’s not like your trying to spy on them :grin:

I also take my kids with me sometimes and I’ve never had anyone approach me :+1:t3:

Oh and welcome and nice drone :grin::+1:t3:


I echo what @bratton said :point_up_2:

Good open spaces with good visibility and hopefully little wind too.

If you have a garden, have a play getting used to it at very low heights, 5 or 6 ft off the deck and gain some confidence with your mavic by having it just hover whilst you get used to the various controls and options.

Theyre so darn nifty these things. Ive often simply sat mine at 400ft and watched it for a min or two whilst I learn how it behaves. Possibly start 100ft and work your way up. All good fun and learning too.

Good luck and Welcome!

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Do not cancel!

People arent as bothered as you’d think, in fact there are more people intrigued and will approach you happy to talk.

I can honestly say its the best hobby to invest in. Seeing the world from a different perspective is incredible.

Where in the southwest are you?


Some great ideas here - thanks.

@Bratton I will see if I can find a park or similar.

@sunstone good idea about the low level first. I’ve never flown a drone before, so that is a good idea.

@McSteamy2010 I live in Somerset but am a developer so regularly travel to Devon and Cornwall etc. We enjoy flying - so seeing the land from above is great. Of course anyone would say just use the Google Satellite view :joy:


North Petherton here too :+1: good to have a yocal near by :handshake:

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Welcome to the group, don’t worry what people think just enjoy the hobby.

I was working in somerset other week


Hey there,

Also quite a newbie to this drone stuff too - only flown mine 3 or 4 times since I got it.

Just look for quite spots to fly in to build your confidence and as long as your within the rules of the law your fine - you know your good to go and don’t worry too much about others.

I have had a few people come across me while flying and they have only been interested in what I was doing and that has helped loads.

Like others have said here - the more you do it the more at ease you will be with your craft and the more you will enjoy it and I am sure like me you will get more adventurous in your flying too.

Enjoy it and also the guys ( and girls ) on this site seem to be awesome on info and encouragement.


Only had problems with one stupid woman that decided that she’d GOT to walk her dog across the football field I was flying on, although she could see me from hundreds of metres away (I was wearing orange hiviz coat). Couldn’t land because the dog was (as we call it around here) a “yampy” spaniel and he would probably have tried to attack it. Just took the MA2 to the other end of the field and hovered about 45 meters up until she’d gone. All the other dog walkers were just fascinated and asked a lot of questions. 5 minutes later, the awkward one came back and did the exact same thing again! I wasn’t bothering her at all but she was hell bent on spoiling my day (didn’t succeed). Just have to take it in your stride and carry on regardless!!!


Thanks everyone for the welcome and encouraging words.

I now have the drone - just need to fly it!

Although with this weather - I think I need a waterproof skin for it!!


I’m guessing people’s reactions will always be 50/50… I’ve not had any negative reactions so far, I’ve had a lot of people stop and watch, ask questions and genuinely fascinated by the views on the screen.

Last week I actually took it somewhere in the hope of letting my nephew have a go but the planned place was closed so we ended up in a field next to a play park so I explained under no circumstances face the camera at the park and fly it above the water out the way of everyone, kind of expecting some confrontation but instead we had people watching and the odd few asked questions along the lines of wanting one for themselves, the only complaint I got was from my brother’s dog, seemed to hate everything about the drone as soon as it was unfolded :joy:

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I haven’t got a dog yet, so I’m okay there :joy:

I had three people the other day ask questions about the Inspire while I was changing the battery over, they were that interested, they took the dog home, (150 yards away), came back and sat on the park bench watching until it got too dark to fly safely. Then they were talking to me for another 15 minutes in the near dark asking every sort of question you could think of. They were intelligent and interested, I know one is a retired college professor, I don’t know if I’d get the same response from some of the “intellectualy challenged” types we get around here!

So far everyone I have meet have been cool, met a couple out for a walk in country Park today. So I moved my drone away from where I was taking photos, so they had plenty of room. They stopped and asked a few questions, like was it expensive lol and how long dose it fly for. When I told them you get about 30 mins flying time, they said “Oh we had better let you get on with it then” and then they both waved at the drone and walked off :slight_smile:

Did a bit of mobile filming on the way to the Car park, had a group of 4 people watching me from car park so as I got closer, I brought my drone down for a nice hand landing :slight_smile: about 50m away from them and them turn drone off and walked back with it and placed it on car roof…More questions and very impressed with the drone :slight_smile: