Greetings from Hucknall Nottingham

Hey everyone,

Stumbled upon this very useful forum and thought id sign up and say hi!!

Am pretty new to flying drones and was looking at investing in a DJI Mavic Mini for a first time drone.

Quite eager to find out some locations I can fly in and around Nottingham and possibly meeting a few of you for a cold one and a few collective flights after all this craziness with the world is over.


Hi Hadeezz and welcome to GADC.

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Welcome to the group :clap:

Hi @Hadeezz , Welcome to GADC! Great place with lots of helpful people to answer any questions you may have.

A Mavic Mini would be a great choice for a first drone, that was my first drone as well and would 100% recommend anyone to purchase one. I’m from Notts also but often travel outside of Nottingham due to restrictions from East Midlands Airport along with Nottingham Airport, put’s a lot of ideal places like Holme Pierrepont for example out of the question due to NFZ.

A few places i’d recommend are:
Bestwood country park (Open field for practise, not very scenic)
Embankment on the Trent, i’ve put a video link of when i was there to give you an idea of where i was near the Rugby field) DJI Mavic 2 Zoom - Test Flight - YouTube
Also Bennerley Viaduct near Ikea, was a meet up planned with a few of us but weather and Corona has delayed that for the meantime…

Let me know if you have any more questions, enjoy :+1:

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Hi @Drones-CL / Connor,

Thanks so much for all your recommendations, it does really help as I was starting to think I wouldn’t find anywhere to fly :smile: . Your video looks crisp too.

Cant wait to do some exploring myself…

Hopefully after the Corona has died down, it would be lovely to meet up with like minded people and fly together.



Yes for sure!

It’s good to get out and fly with others.

For recommendations I usually look on trip advisor at top scenic places to visit close to me, comes up with some good ideas.


I hear Drone Scene is quite good to :slight_smile:


Hello I’m from hucknall too just brought my first drone:)