Greetings from South Yorkshire

Hi All from Barnsley, South Yorks. I’ve been after a drone for sooooo long. Got the approval from Head Office (aka The Wife) to finally take the plunge then waited very patiently for the Mini 2 to be released. Purchased it on release day and it has turned up today.

Itching to get it out, determined to take it slow (but that’s not me at all) so watch out for my post over the weekend where I’m crying coz I’ve trashed my drone :slight_smile:

I’m a keen photographer anyway so looking to take it into a new direction. Welcome any tips, pointers or sites, etc. that can teach along the way.



Hey up and welcome to GADC from a fellow Yorkshire Chap.

Lots of us here from Gods own county, and in better times we do get out for meets quite regularly.

Check out the members map for people around you.

Looking for somewhere to fly?, check out our very own DroneScene map, lots of member added places as well as all the information you could need before flying anywhere.

Lots of knowledgeable people always willing to help or pass advice, enjoy your stay with us.