Grey Arrows Merchandise has landed!


OK, here it is!!!

Follow this link for your Free Delivery Code!

This code is only valid for orders placed 6th March to 10th March.

This code is restricted to GADC Full Members.


Check out the GADC Shop website!!

LOADS of additional items and colours added!!


Done my shopping for a GADC White Cap…:grinning:

Nice range of gear chaps, well done…:+1:


99% of the credit goes to @PingSpike for organising, and a similar % to @Skandio for the artwork updates. :+1:


What would be a really cool addition could be a vinyl landing mat. Rather than the circular 60/90 cm ones how about one thats about 4ft square? With the logo and perhaps some landing markers?

I just remember the guys from Phantom Flight School had one while I was on my PfCO and it was brilliant.


I totally agree, what a great idea!! I’d definitely go for for one! If Pingspike can find somewhere that’ll do it I’ll knock some graphics together!


I might have a solution for that one but I think it can only be done in one colour… Leave it with me :thinking:


Very disappointed, where are the mankini’s??

Joking aside looked at the shop and i will be ordering a hoodie, they look very nice and i do have a thing about hoodie’s:grinning:


Ordered a host is will post a pic when it arrives.




Alas, we can’t offer something like this currently, or hi-vis vests, or any other bits of random kit (including the cock sick that @joe.k wants).

The reason we can’t offer this other stuff is because in order to be able to provide them to members at an acceptable price they’d be willing to pay, we’d need to have a significant batch of them printed. Which costs money. Which we don’t have.

If we did get a batch made up, that batch then needs storing at someones house while we wait for a member to potentially order one.

If someone does buy one, we then need to package it up and ship out (more money).

We’d then come back from the post office and stare at the remaining 99 in the box in the corner of the spare bedroom waiting for the next order (while the wife moans about the box being in the way).

Currently, that’s not a viable prospect for us.

In the future, perhaps - but not today :blush:


Ok, it was only a suggestion.

I am sure as the group matures there will be opportunities for an even wider product range.




JUST 24 hours left!!!

… to make use of the Free Delivery Code!

This code is only valid for orders placed 6th March to 10th March.

This code is restricted to GADC Full Members.


@PingSpike should say hoodie. Spell correct on my phone keeps changing it


#AutoIncorrect :+1:


Yeah some thing like that I thought my android was smart it can find anywhere in the world with a 3 digit number bit it can’t spell worth a damn. :joy::joy::joy:


Sending a friend a text to thank them for an excrement meal had mixed reception. :wink:




Tasted shite then :poop::poop:


My order arrived today, the black on the dark grey might not be the best design though.