Grey Arrows Merchandise has landed!




It makes you look years younger, almost a teen…:slightly_smiling_face:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Thank you Lance


Has it helped in learning teen talk or is it grumpy talk…:grin:


Nah, naw im darn wid da kids innit bro.
I think it’s helping :laughing:




Next you’ll be getting acne…again


Mine tipped up today as well, the print works really well on the blue hoodie and I have to admit tea tasted much better in the new mug :smirk::+1:


And the purple hoodie.:grin:


Ok so why is everyone getting down with the kids?..
Old farts :crazy_face:


Because we can. Maybe an old fohey but I can still show the kids how to dress. :joy::joy::joy:


Ok my t-shirt came I’m not wearing it and showing off my man boobs


Looks nice in the grey tbh



Moobs don’t look nice in grey but the t shirt looks good😀


Why are they bigger than Samantha Fox…:see_no_evil:


No there low like hers are now…


Well, the hoodie arrived, got to admit , disappointed.
Not much thought from supplier in respect that most of the lettering cannot be seen because the lettering colour near enough matches the colour of garment.
(should be mentioned in description)
“Grey Arrows”, etc would have been better in white colour text.
All I can read is “Drone Club” !.
white lettering with black outline would have been my design choice !
what a waste of £25 !


its even worse on mine !!


I think they missed the Grey Arrows bit off.
Hope you can get your money back


No, the “Grey Arrows” & “www,” is there , but, totally unreadable !!!.
As it matches the background perfectly !
Be this a warning to other purchasers of dark items !.
Is it to easy to have two logos, one for light coloured garments in black, the other in white for dark coloured garments?.
My mate has been printing garments for years, and always asks for two contrasting lettering colours.