Grove Lock, Leighton Buzzard

A brief flight over Grove Lock, Grand Union Canal, Bedfordshire.

I am slowly getting used to DaVinci Resolve 15, but need to keep improving!


Lovely day for flying by the looks of it David
I am at the moment trying DaVinci and final cut to disciple which is better
It’s a big learning curve but I think once you get the hang of it you can only get better

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I am based 5 minutes from Grove Lock.
in fact I have been driving past it to get to Pitstone Windmill and Tring reservoirs to fly from there.


Yes…it was a nice day. I haven’t looked at Final Cut and will persevere with DVR for a while to see how it goes.

Hi Sputnik,
I must give Tring Reservoirs a go shot some time. Grove Lock is a nice spot…even just for a beer!

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