Grrrrrrrrr screen. I landed the drone fine but not the controller

So pissed at myself. Just did this…

Has anyone had a screen fix from DJI?

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Oh no, that’s not good :scream:


I’ll just leave this


DJI RC Controller



What happened Russ @Foley ? :see_no_evil:

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Sarah lost her footing and I tried to save both but Sarah first (honest Sarah came first)… Saw it fall to the floor and found the only stone in the area.

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Did you at least save @FoleyMrs ? :scream:

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Yes. I have had practice at that… Just not normally carrying a drone. However just before I did promote the Club to a person who is thinking of getting a drone. The funny thing about it was, he wanted to get a drone and I said that if he got a mini 3 I would choose the option with the screen as my friend bought one and within a few days he slipped putting his phone in and broke his phone screen. The guy drives off and I drop this one… It really is knackered though. Not even a picture of any type on the screen… Just a back light.

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It is normally kitchen stuff that gets broken lol

I guess the care refresh is just for the craft and not the controller…

It might be best to check

Trying to look to see if it does. Not sure where to look. Has anyone else had this situation

Not sure, I don’t think it is

But Why don’t you speak with DJI in the morning?

That is a shame if you have put people off. I do not want to put you out either mate. Not fair on you, i do not like putting people out. Just a little lost. Been a crappy week… :sob:

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Russ speak with DJI, and they might cover it

Ok mate, will let you know.

Thanks for being understanding. This week has been just crap. Thanks
Sorry for being a pain.


If Care refresh isn’t an option. You could try and check your home insurance claim it as a tablet. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’ve got an RC N1 you can borrow mate, it’s off my Air 2S but you know I use my Smart Controller on it. Let me know.

Yep, not sure how the home insurance will be affected. Will the premium go up or not… An idea but would look into it

Thanks for the offer mate, I actually have two of them but I got the one with the screen through fear of dropping the phone and the controller and worried about breaking either. Thanks for taking the risky decision is offering to let me borrow something that I have already just proved I can easily drop. Appreciated.