Guess where this was shot

This was a really unique opportunity


Liverpool. :wink:

I had the opportunity to fly from the roof of the Cunard building. There was another Mavic in the air around the Liver building which flew over us having a look. The seagulls were a real problem.

Seagulls can be. Had that problem trying to get my “Pier” for the Challenge.

That’s brilliant ! Are you using MP ? Is hanger 360 easy to use ?

@greenarmy1978 Hangar is fairly easy to use. I don’t think it comes with instructions.
I use a Mavic Pro which I wish I’d bought years earlier.

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@OzoneVibe now there’s a though, does it count as a pier? It is the pier head and a cruise ship is tied up

You do need to be using an iOS device. Not available for Android.

With Hangar the resulting panos are on their sever, and they own all the rights to the image,

You can create panos on the MP easy enough, though. Check through the #media:panos, where you’ll find some “How to” to get them up on here, like this …

Hmmm … tend to think of a pier as a longer object out into water.

Great opportunity to take a shot like that in such an urban area - and a really great image :+1:

Great 360 @Abacus :clap:

Were you not tempted to lower the drone down inside here and take another pano in the hole?!


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“Holy panos, Batman!”

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I’m trying to line up another shot at it but don’t know if I have the bottle to try the light well. I was worried in case it was of a cast iron frame construction and the magnetic field affecting the gps but I since found out the frame is reinforced concrete.

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You might find the signal rapidly disappears on you too!

Make sure you set RTH height to 120m :wink: