Guidance to Police on Photography in Public


Just come across this - thought that it may be useful to add to the documents that we need to carry with us … …


Hello NL, a very usefull document, is a clearer copy available for download anywhere?, it’s readable anyway, but I’d like to print it out and the sharper the better as people are more inclined to believe a good quality print.


edit…OK, Found it Guidance for Photographers


Mine printed out ok. Very clear. Thanks for that.


Its a very good thing to carry with you, just be careful of them using section 43 as a ‘catch all’, it seems to be a very popular get out of jail free card for many officers, almost a you must answer my questions Sonny Jim.


There is a document in the Members Area similar,
if not the same as that, which is posted in the
“GADC Drone Information Pack”


This document is over eight years old - is it still valid? :thinking:


Anti terror malarkey made the police jumpy . It’s to remind themselves how the law should be interpreted .


Doubt it has in this day and age, but, might just put some “young” green copper on his back foot !.


Thanks for that ,I will be carrying this letter when out flying.