Here it is.

Still fine tuning it, but the company website is here:

And I’ve bought a Phantom 4 RTK…:open_mouth::grimacing:

Oh god…what have I done!


You’ve commited yourself … that’s what you’ve done . All the best !!


Good luck in your new venture.



good luck “Larry” or is it Nick

Is the Larry a lounge lizard?


I wish you every success and best wishes in your venture.


Looks good wish you all the best in this venture


Exciting times mate :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on 3D mapping as a service?

Especially for the civils side of things?


That’s the main thrust of what I’m wanting to do with my drone ops.

The P4 RTK is a serious bit of kit. Very impressed so far.


that a very serious piece of kit. good luck with your venture:grin:


Good luck, it looks very professional, well done.