Gunners Park Garrison & Thames Estuary - DJI Mini 2 - 24/10/2021

Well, it’s been a while but today I finally managed to get the Mini 2 drone airborne again. This time out on the very fringes of the Thames Estuary where it meets the North Sea at Gunners Park old military garrison in Shoebury. Unfortunately, I was restricted in both height and distance by gusting winds of 30 mph plus, preventing more offshore footage of the shoreline. Poor little thing was really struggling. Three batteries were used and I reckon 85% of the footage shot couldn’t be used because so much time was spent battling the wind and notifications.


Great video, informative too, I love history, especially that era. Many thanks :clap:

You did well taking her up with the winds today, it was gusting 30mph here.


@OldSoulBoy Well the footage you have captured and put together is excellent …Alan


Thanks Alan, appreciated

@OldSoulBoy - great footage and fab editing - what video editor are you using if you don’t mind me asking?

Wondershare Filmora X and a subcription to their Filmstock portal which gives access to hundreds of free titles, elements, transitions, sounds, stock images etc. £23.00 a quarter for Filmstock and £24.00 a year for Filmora. There is a free version of Filmstock but it is quite limited in what’s available to you if you like the whole video composition and editing experience.

Best thing I can suggest is try both and see what you think.

I tried Da Vinci Resolve but my late 2013 iMac struggles with it (graphics card is pants)

Nice video and apart from the winds, any hassle from Seagulls down there? Last time I was down there, they definitely had issues with my Spark :wink:

One or two yeah but I think the wind was in my favour in that respect. Very few in flight actually. @Spideog had his Air up and they took one look at that and buggerd off :smiley:

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Glad they were not too much of pain for you guys, maybe time of year helps and they not so aggressive ? Must admit was down the same place a few weeks back again and they did not seem interested at all this time :grinning:

Great, thanks for the advice and details OldSoulBoy - much appreciated!