Gutted no more Chello bando

Turned up at Chello bando this morning to find the below, I was just starting to get my head round flying/diving the gaps :sob:

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Yep. Looks like the developers are well and truly on the scene.

Share your pain Guys.
Same happened with our Hawksbury Old Golf Course :man_shrugging:

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Yah i was tempted to ask them if i could have 1 last blast :+1:t3:

Iv found another location bit of a virgin 1 its a disused petrol station problem is it runs a long side the A38 so you may struggle with a 5inch but ideal for a 4 and below…

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Is that the one between Toyota island and the Littleover junction? Southbound side.

That’s the badger, Ill check it out when I get 5 :+1:t3:

Iv also been told of an old Farm in Mickleover but not sure if its still there.

There has got to be more places, I know of an old chicken farm in Stenson fields but its a bit boring…

I’ve heard rumours of somewhere down Rolleston way. The step-kids said they went there on a walk with their dad but we’ve scoured the map and not manged to find it yet.

Wait, brain’s just warming up…

I think it turned out to be this place, which probably isn’t the best place to be thrashing quads about. :laughing:

Sinai Park House

Looking at the website I think its a listed building, not sure the National trust would be happy with us taking chunks out of it :rofl:

But there has to be more places mate, I’m sure but not 100% there’s somewhere up Aston lane in Chello ???, or how about Pit Close ?? not been down there for years so could have houses on it now :man_shrugging:t3:

Yah the farm is out of the question, bloody strange place to have a farm in the middle of an housing estate :thinking:

There’s a farm in the middle of the M62. If the farmer won’t sell up they build around it.

Urban legend

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