Gypsy garden whooping.. πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ

Got to stay at this place for a couple of days this week and had an absolute hoot finding lines around the gardens and woods at the back of the property. We were massively lucky to have the place completely to ourselves. :man_dancing: This was flying Diatone Cube 229. I put the Protek 35 up but it was a wee bit loud and lairy tbh! The footage came off the RunCam split 3 and came out really well, it was fairly bright sunshine above the trees which certainly helped.

Tbh I am super chuffed, no way could I have flown this space a few months ago - just gotta keep doing the packs :slight_smile: It’s such a learning experience this game, I also have some (hopefully!) awesome footage from the GoPro doing miles of beach / cliff cruising - will post when I’ve got roung to sorting it all out.

With all this and DroneFest all in one week, it’s been the best week’s flying all summer. :sunglasses: