Hadrians wall

Hi, has anyone flown over hadrians wall? As I’ve seen footage on YouTube and I’m wondering if it’s OK to fly there?
Cheers. :+1:

Hi, yes have flown it once, had no issues. It’s the weather that your main concern.

Cool, I was looking at flying round next to sycamore Gap. Have you been to that part of the wall. I’m looking at going in the next few weeks.

At the risk of opening up another debate on these things… :wink:

Hadrian’s Wall is an English Heritage site and they’re going to say no unless you’re flying under a PfCO and they’ve given approval… and you’ve paid them their fee.

So yeah - watch that you’re not taking off and landing on their property? :wink:


That’s one area I wanted to fly, but no where to park, and high winds, stop me again but will hope to do so in the future? Good luck with your visit.

Northumberland National Park seem ok about it.

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Does the wall run through the national park?

Seems to…

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