Half-assed advice from the police

This article is not helping the public perception of drones:

where did he get the 5m for a mini and 150m rules from? and he runs Lincolshire Drones.

He probably didn’t - the whole poorly constructed article looks like it was written by a ‘journalist’ with very little understanding of what they were told :frowning:


Editor of DroneUser mag too

He’s the guy who publishes peoples work for free


Isn’t 5m the separation in slow speed mode on the new C2 drones (whenever they appear)?


Wow, slow day in the newsroom. It’s probably just Doris at number 63 that saw one hover briefly over Alice’s place last month who then mentioned it to her off duty copper neighbour Colin while he was washing his car. He then mentioned it in passing to his mate Barry over a shandy at the local golf club. Barry, who works for the local rag thought it would make a jolly good story so elaborated on it extensively and called Colin up for a couple of quotes to make it sound all official like. Barry then got his younger brother Dexter to pretend to be a qualified drone pilot to add weight to the complete non-story and Bob’s ya uncle, fanny’s ya aunt. All drone pilots are completely irresponsible plonkers.


Spalding nimbys.


“Steve said the rules surrounding drone flying include keeping your drone in sight at least 500 metres away“

So you must always keep your drone is sight AND 500 metres away from you? Good luck Mini and Mini 2 owners…. :rofl:


Keeps us fit though, got to land it half a kilometre away and run to get it.


Ahhhhhh now I know who you mean….

The bigger problem is the casual, equally uninformed, reader well take this as gospel…
Like other sensationalist headlines there is usually some truth somewhere, hidden in the subtext, but it is the headline that people remember

There is already enough fake news.

I like to double/triple check things before flying, so I use this website as a base for determining if an area is a built-up residential location (you have to check google maps for industrial estates and recreation areas)

Turns out West Pinchbeck isn’t even a built-up area, so the comment in the article about being 150m away from a building just doesn’t apply …,


Nice map! Another layer for Rich ( @PingSpike ) and Drone Scene …

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All I can add…

I like the last paragraph which negates most of what he says before it. Mavic mini, do what you want.

If there is a data source out there somewhere that is less than ten years old I’ll happily take a look :slight_smile:


It’s a bit old, but it should be due an update following the 2021 census … one to keep an eye on?

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